Odoo Implementation Services

Services from Novobi to ensure your Odoo implementation meets all your requirements

Odoo Implementation

As an Odoo Gold Partner, we are dedicated to setting you up for success with your Odoo instance! We offer several services to ensure you have everything you need.

Odoo Configuration

Curating and initializing your instance of Odoo for your needs to maximize efficiency and ROI

Odoo Customization

Customizing functionality, apps, and architecture beyond standard Odoo for your needs

Integration & Migration

Seamlessly connecting  your applications to Odoo and migrating legacy data

Odoo OS Development

We can configure an Odoo instance to serve as a custom operating system for business functions such as a marketplace, reservation system, or customer portal -- whatever your business may need!

Standard OS

Configuring Odoo as an application for a standard ERP system such as retail  or reservation management

Vertical-Specific OS

Initializing an Odoo OS with workflows and necessary compliance for a specific industry vertical such as health care

Custom Function OS

Configuring Odoo as an application for custom or niche functions like a sales commission management portal

Additional Training & Services

We want to set you up for success with additional services offered alongside your implementation. Odoo is famous for being user-friendly and easy to navigate, but we are here to provide additional help if you need it! 

Odoo Training

Our Odoo certified training team is ready to work with your organization to provide the training you need following your implementation

Odoo Support

We provide world-class technical support including access to 24/7 assistance as well as functional support from experts for business concerns

Professional Services

Access consultation from domain experts for active configuration or management of functions within your business

Odoo Implementation Services

Odoo Configuration

We have the industry expertise to know exactly what Odoo applications and functionality you will need to be successful. We will curate your instance of Odoo to maximize your efficiency and ROI and set you up with exactly what you need to accomplish your business goals.

Don't get overwhelmed by excessive functionality. We will put together the exact instance of Odoo you need and prepare you to scale in the long run.

Odoo Customization

Whether you need extended functionality in an application, custom architecture, special security needs, or something completely new, our development team holds the highest standard of customization to ensure you get exactly what you need at the highest quality.

Our expertise in custom architecture and development means we can provide the exact updates to Odoo's native functionality your workflows need. Plus we can integrate with existing or external systems easily and seamlessly.

Integration & Migration

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new version of Odoo or need to migrate over from completely different software platforms, we’ve got you covered! We’ll make sure your business doesn’t miss a beat, whether you want to consolidate multiple applications or simply ensure that your integrations are working properly. 

Not only can we seamlessly migrate legacy data, we can also integrate your Odoo instance with any additional or external applications required for your business operations to run smoothly. We will assess your current or desired stack to determine the best, most cost effective way to integrate with an Odoo setup.

Odoo OS Development Services

The powerful flexibility of Odoo makes it easy to develop business operating systems that work for your specific vertical and industry. We’ve architected marketplaces, retail location management solutions, reservation systems, commission systems, even engineer-on-demand systems using Odoo. 

This unique offering allows us to combine our customization expertise with the user-friendly Odoo interface to help you run functions in your business without massive development costs usually associated with custom enterprise builds.

Standard OS

We are able to configure Odoo as an application to run as a standard ERP for basic business needs in an operating system. For example, we can configure a basic retail setup with POS and inventory to manage a brick and mortar store or configure a reservation system for a restaurant.

Vertical-Specific OS

Sometimes certain verticals have specific considerations when configuring Odoo as an application. We are able to initialize an Odoo OS with specific workflows, such as manufacturing systems, or necessary regulatory measures such as PCI or HIPAA compliance for the health care industry.

Even with regulatory constraints, we can create an Odoo application that is fully compliant to serve a specific business function such as a health insurance marketplace with a customer self-service portal. Or we can handle complex workflows such as engineer-to-order manufacturing with customization inputs from the customer.

Custom Function OS

With the flexibility and scalability of Odoo, plus a world class development team, we are able to architect highly custom and niche instances of Odoo as an application without a massive enterprise budget or development scope. If your business needs exceed those of a standard OS, require specialized architecture, or represent a novel use case with many application layers, we are up to the challenge. 

Our Process of Engagement

1. Discovery

Either virtually or in-person, we will spend time with your team to document your current processes, software systems, pain points, and needs. We will work with you to gather your specific requirements. 

2. GAP Analysis

Based on the requirements gathered from our discovery process, we will prepare a GAP analysis to compare against Odoo's standard enterprise version. This will help us determine the scope of improvements necessary.

3. Solution

Using the GAP analysis, we will provide a scope for the best solution for you. Whether you require a custom implementation or would benefit from configuration of one of our pre-built solutions, we will craft a scope that will maximize your ROI.